One-on-One Coaching

Are You…

  • Greg BehrendtFeeling hopeless about dating?
  • Afraid youll never find YOUR PERSON or the love you deserve?
  • Tired of the swipe, swipe, swipe?
  • Feel like you are doing everything right but not getting a result?
  • Lonely but dont know how to connect with other people?
  • Only in a relationship with your streaming services and sweatpants?
  • Struggling with emotional roadblocks, internal trust, intuition, and social anxiety?
  • Setting unreachable goals and expectations for yourself or YOUR PERSON?
  • Stuck in a feedback loop of negative or outgrown ideas? 
  • Hard on yourself and self-sabotaging?
  • Obsessing on old relationships, bad breakups, or the empty potential of unavailable people?
  • Ready to stop distracting yourself from your life and take action?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to REVIVE your dating life. Eight weeks of rigorous personal retooling with weekly one-on-one private sessions with the co-author of the cultural phenomenon Hes Just Not That Into You, Sex and The City series consultant, and Oprahs Lifeclass Dating expert, me, Greg Behrendt.

What if…

  • You could unlock the best and most appealing you?
  • You were able to get a second date?
  • You could quickly make progress on what you MOST want?
  • You could get closer to being a CLOSER?
  • The things you hideaway are the things that will actually connect you to YOUR PERSON?
  • You had a coach and a program that helped you boost your confidence, clear the obstacles, illuminate the blind spots, and make tangible progress towards getting the RELATIONSHIP you deserve?

Click here for a free 15-minute consultation for more details on what we can do together to put you on the right path to FIND YOUR PERSON. We discuss your problems, my program and see if this is the right option for the CHANGE YOU WANT.

Paid single sessions are 45 min in length and can be done via telephone or Zoom.

Looking forward to connecting with you! (*please check your junk email to ensure that response emails dont end up there)

Greg Behrendt

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